Drools – Guvnor: Spring integration

Using Spring 2.5, Drools-guvnor 5.0

Download Drools guvnor standalone version here jboss-drools-guvnor

Spring configuration:
– bean rulesAgent is for communication between our application and guvnor,
the Drools platform BRMS.
– bean droolsService uses rulesAgent to provide the needed service.

<bean id="rulesAgent" class="com.test.droolsproto.utils.DroolsProtoAgent"></bean>
<bean id="droolsService" class="com.test.droolsproto.serviceImpl.RuleDroolServiceImpl">
<property name="ruleAgent" ref="rulesAgent"></property>

Create file “brmsdeployedrules.properties” for the ruleAgent:
In this file the link to use a running instance of guvnor. The package “com.test.droolsproto.rules” is an existing rules package in guvnor. DroolsDemo at the end of package value is the name of the snapshot. A snapshot in guvnor represents an image of rule’s package at specific time.

package= com.test.droolsproto.rules/DroolsDemo

In the web project add drools librairies (drools-api-5.0.1, drools-core-5.0.1) and create DroolsProtoAgent class:

public class DroolsProtoAgent {
   private RuleBase rulebase;
   private StatefulSession session;
   private DroolsProtoAgent(){
   public RuleBase getRulebase() {
    if (rulebase != null) return rulebase;
    else {
       RuleAgent agent = RuleAgent.newRuleAgent( "/brmsdeployedrules.properties" );
       RuleBase rulebase = agent.getRuleBase();
       return rulebase;
  public void setRulebase(RuleBase rulebase) {
    this.rulebase = rulebase;
  public void setSession(StatefulSession session) {
    this.session = session;
  public StatefulSession getSession() {
    if ( rulebase == null ) {
      rulebase = getRulebase();
    session = rulebase.newStatefulSession();
    return session;

Create a drools service:

public class RuleDroolServiceImpl implements RuleDroolsService {

   private DroolsProtoAgent ruleAgent;

   public String applyRule(ValueObject a, ValueObject b){

   try {
     // Load knowledge base session
     StatefulSession ksession = ruleAgent.getSession();
     ksession.startProcess("droolsProcess"); //Start a predefined process in guvnor
     // Insert VO as Fact

     ksession.fireAllRules(); //Apply rules
     return "success or specific guvnor response";
   } catch (Throwable t) {
     return "failure";

  public DroolsProtoAgent getRuleAgent() {
   return ruleAgent;

  public void setRuleAgent(DroolsProtoAgent ruleAgent) {
   this.ruleAgent = ruleAgent;

Drools integration is complete.


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